Tubular Steel / Steel Tubes

Steel Tube is also known as Hollow Structural Section (HSS) is a type of metal profile with a hollow tubular cross-section. It is strong, tough, and durable. It can be welded or seamless. Its versatility lends it to a range of applications in different industries. Each year millions of tonnes of steel tubing are produced.

Steel tubing is a versatile material that is available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. It is typically made from a variety of different alloys, like aluminum and titanium, that provide its strength and other notable properties.

Steel tubing offers a combination of strength, durability, and affordability that make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from heat exchangers to staircase handrails to truck and trailer manufacturing. Industrial Metal Supply offers steel tubes in a variety of standard sizes and profiles, as well as steel tubing options for specialty applications.

Hot Rolled Steel Tubing

This steel tube has been processed using very high temperatures and a series of rollers to make it easier to work with. Hot rolling keeps the material free from internal stresses. This type of tubing is found frequently in the construction industry, but not for precise applications.

Cold Rolled Steel Tubing

This steel tubing begins as hot rolled steel but is processed even further to create a more finished surface and provide additional strength. This process is more suited for applications that have strict tolerance, straightness, and surface condition requirements because cold rolling is a more precise finishing method.

Galvanized Steel Tubing

This steel tube has been treated with a galvanized coating that makes the material more resistant to corrosion and extends the material’s life. Because the material is corrosion-resistant, it is often used for structural tubing in projects like bridges and fences where it may be subjected to environmental conditions.

What is tubular steel made of?

Made from raw materials including iron, aluminum, carbon, manganese, titanium, vanadium, and zirconium, steel tubes are central to pipe production for applications spanning heating and plumbing systems, highway engineering, automobile manufacturing, and even medicine (for surgical implants and heart valves).

Common Applications of Tubular Steel

Steel has many uses throughout a variety of industries, and one of the most common and wide-ranging types is tubular steel or steel tubing. It resists corrosion and is lightweight but it’s much stronger than similarly sized plastic tubes. Custom steel tubing can be decorative and imaginative, or it can be simple and purely functional – with lots of space in between.

Applications For Steel Tube

Steel tubes are widely used in industrial and domestic settings.  In industry, steel tubes are valued for their strength and ability to withstand extremes of temperature, pressure and destructive elements. In domestic settings, steel tubes are used in appliances and gas pipes. If you look behind your refrigerator you’ll likely see some steel tubing.

Top steel tubing applications include:

  • Construction and Engineering – The construction and engineering industries use hollow structural sections (HSS). HSS is a form of steel tubing and is commonly circular, square, or rectangular. In the UK the term HSS is not used. Instead, the basic shapes are named CHS (circular), SHS (square), and RHS (rectangular). Rectangular HSS is commonly used in welded steel frames which are subjected to loading from different directions. Square and circular HSS are often used as columns.
  • Automobile Manufacturing – The automobile industry has been using steel tubes in ever-increasing quantities since the early ‘90s. Precision steel tubes are used in the internal parts of the vehicle: in the suspension, fuel injection, and vehicle control systems.

For a cost-effective, high-strength material, tubular steel remains the best material for many applications.

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