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End Cap

A type of pipe fitting, usually liquid or gas tight, which covers the end of a pipe. A cap is used like plug, except that the pipe cap screws or attaches on the male thread of a pipe. A cap may have a solvent weld socket end or a female threaded end and the other end closed off. In plumbing systems that use threads, the cap has female threads. Industrial caps can be round, square, rectangular, U-shaped, I-shaped and may have a round hand grip or a flat hand grip.


A lap joints stub ends and it associated slip on flange in a piping system allows quick disconnection of the particular section involved. Stub ends are installed in pairs and mated together with two lap joint flanges. The surface of the stub end has a phonographic serrated gasket surface which prevents leakage at the joint. Using stub ends allows sections of the line to be opened for cleaning, inspection or quick replacement etc, without the need to re-weld.


Whenever branch connections are required in size where reducing tees are not available and/or when the branch connections are of smaller size as compared to header size, olets are generally used.

The following are few configurations of olet connections:

  • Flanged Olet
  • Socket-Weld & Threaded Olet
  • Lateral & Elbow Olets
  • Nipple Olet
  • Butt-Weld Olet
  • Swage Nipples

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