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Hyundai Steel Co.. Ltd. or HSC (formerly knovm as Hyundai INI Steel, and before that. Incheon Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.) is a steel making company headquartered in Incheon and Seoul, South Korea, and a member of the Hyundai Motor Group. Established in 1953, it is the oldest steel making company in Korea.

Hot-rolled steel plates are rollformed into circular pipes and processed into Electric resistance Welded pipes
according to different specifications (OD, thickness, and material).

Although most ERW pipes are circular, some may be processed to be angulated into different shapes including square form. ERW pipes are categorized into ERW type and SAW type depending on the manufacturing method.

Hyundai’s Steel Pipe products are the result of superior knowledge and expertise. These steel pipes have been used for multiple purposes, from base materials for construction to infrastructure,
thereby contributing to the nation’s industrial development.

In particular, they are used extensively in various industries as waste water pipes, city gas pipes, pipes for construction sites, base materials for civil engineering projects, parts for automobiles, and parts for ships.

Main Steel Pipe Products are:

  • Plumbing Pipes
  • Line Pipes
  • OCTGs
  • Pipes for Computer Systems
  • Steel Pipes for Structures
  • Steel Pipe Piles
  • Stainless Steel Steel Pipes
Hyundai Steel Pipes Philippines

SeAH Steel Pipe

SeAH Steel has left a significant legacy in the steel industry by taking root of steel pipe manufacture industry in 1960, which v.,as the period of industrial wasteland. In 1967, we initiated the exportation of steel pipes for the first time to the United States which is the global leading market. Business opening was executed in 1969.

As a high-strength and high-performance product coming in shapes of fin-tube, square tube, gilt steel pipe, the SeAH steel pipe is utilized in various fields such as oil·gas, heat exchange, plumbing and rescue.

Product supply capacity has been expanded through large scale JCOE that is recently invested, and SAW equipment in addition to ERW (HFW)which is the major product.

Moreover, by promoting the manufacturing of OCTG complete product with the application of post-processing equipment such as QT facility and CNC screw machine, we are securing competitive edge to respond to various project demands from in and outside of the country.

Hyundai and SEAH Steel Pipes

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